Hexingtide Two-Part Actual Play with Damn Good Games!

I was excited to spend the first two Wednesdays of November 2022 with Geoff and Don of Damn Good Games livestreaming an actual play of Hexingtide (using its current Playtest 2 rules; Playtest 3 coming soon). These two nights were first broadcast on their Twitch stream, but have since been moved to their YouTube.

If you’ve been curious about the rules, I think you’ll enjoy these Hexingtide actual play videos:

Part 1: Hexingtide Character Creation

The first session was some introductory content, a bit of an interview, and most of the evening talking through character creation.

Hexingtide is a minimalist TTRPG system, most certainly. But as it uses open-ended descriptors, character creation isn’t as quick as some OSR-style games. It requires characters to bring their creative thinking to the table first.

Part 2: Hexingtide Adventure Actual Play

The second session was the meat and potatoes of the adventure itself. Our three PCs have been called out to a country roadhouse aside a country road in search of missing farmers. What strange fate awaits them deeper into the wood?

Sound Interesting? Join an online game in Dec or Jan!

A quick update on the return of online playtesting opportunities:

  • The November dates are now all booked! I will be sending an email after this one to those of you who have signed up, and GM Joe will be following up. 
  • We have plenty of room for Sunday Dec. 11, 1:00-5:00pm EST (GM @kiltedfiend).
  • Some spots are left for the three-part adventure on Thursdays Jan. 12, 19, & 26, 7:00pm EST (GM @SheepDaft).



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