Hexingtide Typo Updates in v0.33... and Playtest Sessions in June & July

v0.33 has been uploaded to Itch. This is a very minor update focused on a handful of typos, removing reference to Peril Dice (the early dice-as-attributes system that has been superseded by the singular Inhumanity Die), and clarifying that if you create a Social Reaction Portent in a Scene, that you probably should have your players make Portent Checks against it (pg. 30).

Further rules clarifications will come with v0.40. My focus for this next update is on refining how scenes and conflicts work - to make the game run faster and be even more tightly focused on the monstery theme.

Interesting in joining an online playtest? Join me this June and July! I'll be running three online one-shots on the following dates:

  1. Thurs, June 29, 6-9pm EST
  2. Fri, July 7, 9-12pm EST
  3. Sun, July 9, Noon-3pm EST

Come join me for a game of Hexingtide. Feel free to create your own character in advance (we can chat about that) or use one of the pregens. 

Sign up using the link below, and I'll be in touch!



Hexingtide_0.33.pdf 6 MB
May 09, 2023

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